Dijital Yeni Başlayan İngilizce 20 Kartlık Yoga Hareketleri Seti

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🐞20 Beginner Yoga Poses !

Yoga Poses List:

• Navasana
• Parighasana
• Salamba Sirsasana
• Setubandha Sarvangasana
• Sucirandhrasana
• Sukhasana
• Tadasana
• Trikonasana
• Virabhadrasana I
• Virabhadrasana II
• Virabhadrasana III
• Urdhva Mukha Svanasana
• Ustrasana
• Utkatasana
• Uttana Shishosana
• Uttanasana
• Utthita Hasta Padangusthasana
• Utthita Tadasana
• Virasana
• Vrksasana

🐞Content of the Cards

• Sanskrit name and English name of the yoga poses.
• How to do yoga movement with breath awareness
• Definition
• Doshas
• Instructions
• Chakra explanations, spiritual explanation
• Benefits
• Pronunciation
• Elements
• Which chakras does the pose activate?
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• 20 pages Pdf Worked on A6 Size Paper. 4×5 inch. 1240X1748 pixel with Front and Back Yoga Poses Card
• 2 zip files containing 20 individual cards Front and back in Jpg Format.
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No physical items will be sent to you!

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